Offshore Snow Shapes

Snowboards Hand Crafted in Niseko, Japan

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The OFSR Quiver

View our entire collection of snowboards, hand crafted in our own specialised factory in Niseko, Japan.

iD | Customise

Select a snowboard from our current range, then customise the top sheet to make it your own.

Special Releases

Our special releases are limited runs of special shapes, graphics and/or builds.

Urushi Series

The Urushi series graphic is inspired by an ancient paint derived from the Japanese Sumac Tree.


View our range of apparel available both online and at our factory.

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Cabin Fever | Urushi Series


Cabin Fever | iD Series


Sea Biscuit | Urushi Series


Cardiel | iD Series


Fugu _SR | Choose your graphic


Winnie | Urushi Series


Half Baked | iD Series


Snurfs Up | Urushi Series


Sea Biscuit | iD Series


Snurfs Up | iD Series