Carbon sintered 7515 Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene bases absorb more wax and finish smoother than every other clear base on the market. Developed and manufactured in Austria, this is the fastest base in its class and guarantees top performance in various snow and ice conditions.



High-strength, durable, full wrap steel edges that stay sharp and keep your board protected. A perfect balance of thickness/durability versus weight/feel.



This top-quality ABS thermoplastic sidewall manufactured by industry leader, IsoSport, has high impact strength under low temp conditions. No matter how cold it gets these sidewalls will withstand any impact.



Produced by Australia’s No.1 composites manufacturer, Colan Glass, our perfectly balanced triaxial and biaxl e-glass is woven from high-quality fine-strand tow that has exceptional wet out qualities, to ensure board strength, a perfect bond and a consistent longitudinal and torsional flex patterns throughout the board.



Fullwood-core construction using vertically laminated high-grade poplar with a dual beech stringer that ensure pop, liveliness and superior insert retention.FSC certified helps you keep your life full of forest products,while keeping our forests full of life.



A specially formulated Japanese resin with unique mechanical properties that promote a more supple flex, without an increase in flex fatigue. This gives the board perfectly graduated loading characteristics which results in a smoother ride.



A high-quality friction and temperature stable polyamide, that offers the best in stress endurance and wear performance. Expect lasting colour and less chipping in your top sheet.



Power Chords

Power Chords target the most critical sections of the board to give the rider greater control and stability when turning and landing, whilst improving board lifespan and durability. 12 chords of pre-tensioned Carbon Tow are precisely laid from insert pack to opposing contact point in a transversal matrix across the nose and tail of the board. This creates a more consistent torsional flex and distribution of energy between rider foot and snowboard edge. Furthermore, the addition of carbon across these primary flex zones improves strength and keeps the board lively for years rather than months.


Twin Pins

Twin Pins make a loose and fast board more reliable and responsive in critical sections. They reduce chatter, increase hold and help to generate speed through turns. Similar to the orientation of twin fins on a surfboard, 2 carbon-wrapped flax pins are laid diagonally from the edge to the centre of the board and travel from just behind the inserts through the curve of the tail. The flax has a strengthening and dampening effect, whilst the carbon wraps add rigidity and accelerate turn transition. This holds the rider in on big turns, and pops them into the next with greater speed and control.


Punt Pins

Punt Pins boost ollies and stabilise landings. They add snap, pop, stability and strength to a board, without stiffening its flex pattern or adding weight. 2 carbon-wrapped flax pins are placed longitudinally either side of the inserts and run through the contact point of the tail and nose. The flax has a strengthening and dampening effect, whilst the elongated carbon wraps accelerate shape- memory for superior pop and snap that lasts.



Innegra is a super strong ultra light composite with a sponge-like structure that can dissipate a tremendous amount of energy and vibration. This makes it the perfect composite to improve insert retention and ride smoothness.



Urethane is the most shock-absorbing shear layer that can be used between edge and sidewall currently available. Compared to other alternatives, it significantly reduces vibrations throughout the board and helps to strengthen critical bond zones.